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Learn how to use the Lived Experience Integration® framework to improve equitable maternal care for moms and babies.

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Our Certified Patient Family Partners (PFPs) are ready to partner with you, wherever maternal-health improvement is needed.

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We want to help you incorporate the Lived Experience Integration® framework. We realize it can be a challenge.

Together, we can ensure patients have an active role in addressing the U.S. maternal health crisis.

Learn how the Lived Experience Integration® can make an impact through your work:

  • Share personal stories that increase focus and commitment by quality improvement teams.
  • Create a culture of trust and acceptance between patients, families, and providers.
  • Reveal new solutions and insights through patient perspectives.
  • Identify confusing or missing pieces of processes.
  • Assist in developing action plans and recommendations.
  • Contribute to the content and design of materials.
  • Pilot and test new materials and processes.
  • Expand research participation and information collection.

Understand Common Barriers

Lived Experience Integration™️ is essential for health care providers, quality improvement leaders, and hospital administrators. This unique training will teach you how to overcome common barriers to engagement, such as lack of experience and understanding where to start or find the right patients.

Learn from the Experts

This course is taught by the experts of MoMMA’s Voices, an organization working with both patients and providers to collaborate as partners. Here you will learn the best ways to integrate the lived experience wherever maternal health decisions are being made, helping to save lives and improve maternal-health outcomes.

Unlock Your True Potential

By taking this course you’ll unlock your true potential as a health care provider, quality improvement leader, or hospital administrator. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to engage with patients and empower them to take control of their maternal health decisions. Sign up for this course today and start making a real difference in the lives of patients!

Learn How to Engage Patients and Improve Maternal Health Outcomes

Engage, empower, and save lives with MoMMA's Voices' unique Lived Experience Integration® training. Equipping health care providers, quality improvement leaders, and hospital administrators on how to connect directly with patients as partners is key! Our experienced team will help navigate past common barriers such as lack of experience or not knowing where to start, so that the lived experience can be integrated into any decision regarding maternal health. Unlock more meaningful solutions now!

Working with patients doesn’t always come naturally, but with this program you’ll learn how to empower patients and become a partner in the process.

Valuable Toolkits

“What was incredibly helpful was the roadmap that had a lot of things that we're so new to, that we're just not thinking about. So that was incredibly helpful.”

Highly Valuable

“I found the fact that you all allowed lived experience experts to facilitate our groups to be really impactful...”

Real-world Implementation

After our participation in the community of learning cohort, we did complete two journey-mapping sessions with our first participants, and the exercises were successful. We strengthened our connections with one another. And we received some good feedback.”

Now available in THREE different formats to fit your needs!

Foundations Online

We understand it can be hard for health care providers to find time for another meeting. That's why we've designed Foundations Training, a self-paced course that covers all of MoMMA's Voices best practices in just two-short hours. With Foundations Training, you'll have all the tools and information you need to ensure optimal patient engagement in the shortest amount of time – allowing you to maximize your value as a health care provider while creating a positive and impactful experience for your patients.

Online Course


CE Credits Available



Our powerful workshops are a great addition to the Foundations Online Course for small and medium groups. Join us for two incredible hours of support! We'll discuss potential obstacles, learn from real-world experiences shared by our faculty members, and build meaningful connections with each other through peer-sharing activities. There's no need to worry about travel or social distancing—we offer virtual gatherings all across the region that you can access right from your home computer!

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Get ready for this energizing 8-week sprint! Every week, gather virtually with peers to work through obstacles and share helpful insights and advice from fellow members of the group. Our amazing faculty will provide guidance in break-out rooms so that everyone's voice is heard. You'll also get brief but purposeful homework every week which is a great way to maximize your experience and make sure you come prepared each time! And don't worry – we can tailor it all just for your audience - talk about customized awesomeness!

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