Birth Equity

Achieving health equity is so important. Let’s join together to build a more just and equitable world through the sharing of diverse perspectives, topics, and wisdom! Take some time today to watch these inspiring previous presentations - they are sure to lift your spirits while increasing understanding on an issue that matters deeply.

Nurturing Allyship

Marcia Phillips explains how to nurture allyship and become a champion for diversity.

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History of Racism in Maternity Care

Johnathan Webb explains how there has been a long history of structural racism in maternity care in the US.

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Implicit Bias

Dr. Jason Vaught explains how Implicit Bias affects everyone and how to acknowledge it.

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"Thaen's Journey to Motherhood" Premiere

This is a replay of the premiere of the screening of "Thaen's Journey to Motherhood" including the bonus interviews from #BMHW22

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Social Determinants of Health

Kay Matthews with Shade of Blue Project, leads a discussion on Social Determinants of Health and how to use it as an advocate.

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Surgo Ventures

The US Maternal Vulnerability Index is the first county-level, national-scale, open source tool to identify where and why mothers in the United States are vulnerable to poor health outcomes. Six MVI themes reflect 43 indicators associated with maternal health outcomes. Explore themes and overall vulnerability below.

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Find Help

Findhelp’s social care technology is built by people who understand the challenges our users face. From working in the fields of social work, education, and healthcare, having sought help ourselves, our unique viewpoints drive compassion for our larger community. We’ve built the nation’s leading social care network with a clear focus on our mission — to connect people to the help they need with dignity and ease.

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