Our mission is to amplify the voices of people who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth complications or loss - especially those who have been historically marginalized - ensuring they are equipped and activated as partners with providers and researchers to improve maternal health outcomes.


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Who are MoMMAs Voices?

MoMMAs Voices (Maternal Mortality & Morbidity Advocates) is the first-ever maternal health patient advocates program bringing together real patient and family voices. We're made up of dozens of maternal health organizations who represent all types of maternal health conditions, as well as cross-cutting topics like maternal mental health, racial equity, healthcare delivery, and patient-provider partnership. We sit at the center of maternal health improvements, connecting and training patients with lived experiences, providers, quality improvement leaders, researchers, and policymakers to move forward improvements in maternal care. We are a program of the Preeclampsia Foundation.

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Nicole Purnell

Program Director

Nicole Purnell, Program Director at MoMMAs Voices for the Preeclampsia Foundation in North Texas, advocates for maternal health. Her journey began in 2005 with the tragic loss of her son to preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Since then, she's been dedicated to the cause, volunteering for the Preeclampsia Foundation for over a decade. In 2015, she welcomed a daughter after a successful pregnancy. Transitioning from a project manager in the printing industry, Nicole now manages the MoMMAs Voices Coalition, empowering those affected by pregnancy complications. She's also involved with national committees focusing on maternal health improvement.


Bekah Bischoff

Program Manager

Bekah Bischoff, Program Manager for Training at MoMMAs Voices, utilizes her background in education to facilitate training on integrating lived experiences into quality improvement efforts. Drawing from her own personal experience with preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, Bekah is dedicated to helping mothers heal from traumatic birth experiences. She advocates for maternal health legislation and ensures mothers have a voice in policy discussions. Based in Louisville, KY, Bekah lives with her husband, two junior-aged children, and two adopted babies, teaching her the boundless capacity of love.

Rhonda Sims

Program Manager

Rhonda Sims is the Program Manager for Outreach and Engagement at MoMMAs Voices. Motivated by personal loss and her own struggles with depression and anxiety, she advocates for fair maternal health practices, particularly for women of color. With a background in real estate and grant management, Rhonda brings a wealth of experience to her role. Based in Columbia, South Carolina, she enjoys decorating, listening to jazz, hiking, and spending time with her family.


Daneille Dalberry

Program Coordinator

Daneille Dalberry-Henderson serves as Program Coorindartor for Training, offering vital support to the program's team. With over 5 years of administrative experience, she brings a wealth of expertise from her previous roles in home healthcare and with the Florida Department of Children and Families. Daneille holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communication with a focus on Public Advocacy from the University of South Florida.

Her life took a significant turn in 2019 when she faced the challenges of a rare complication during her pregnancy, resulting in multiple fetal surgeries and an extended NICU stay for her son. As a mother caring for a medically complex child with disabilities, Daneille is passionate about amplifying the voices of mothers navigating similar struggles. Her own experience as a survivor of postpartum preeclampsia further fuels her dedication to supporting mothers facing mental health issues and medical challenges.

In her downtime, Daneille enjoys binge-watching Netflix shows and cherishing moments with her husband and three children in Tampa, FL.

Jennifer Mikenas

Program Coordinator

Jennifer Mikenas serves as the Program Coordinator for Matchmaking and Impact. With a background in education and finance spanning two decades, she facilitates connections between healthcare providers and patient family partners to drive maternal health change. Jennifer's personal journey fuels her advocacy for families facing fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, and stillbirth. She actively supports organizations like Count the Kicks and PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy. Based in Indialantic, Florida, Jennifer enjoys reading, puzzles, and traveling in her free time, alongside cheering for her alma mater, Florida State University.



What We Provide

For those with lived experiences

Gain valuable skills through our Patient Family Partner (PFP) certification, opening doors to improving maternal care through our matchmaking opportunities.


For healthcare providers in quality improvement

Join a network of quality improvement leaders to equip your team with training to foster a partnership-centered culture in patient care. Access real-life next steps on how to integrate patient and family voices.

For maternal health organizations
Join forces with other maternal health advocates to address critical issues such as hearing patient voices, racial disparities, research funding, and healthcare delivery.


See what our partners have to say


"I have had the pleasure of working with Momma's Voices PFPs at two expert meetings regarding reducing harm from hemorrhage and hypertension. Their presence, their candor, and their willingness to speak the truth as context experts kept us from pushing off from shore with no maps and compasses on board. We are so grateful that their voices and stories are woven throughout the work that is coming from these meetings."

-Kelly McCutcheon Adams, Senior Director, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

"By sharing my experiences as a mother, survivor, and advocate, I aim to inspire and offer hope to others facing similar trials. My story serves as a reminder that through collective effort and empathy, we can rewrite the narrative of maternal health, ensuring every mother and family receives the care and support they deserve."

Lori A., certified PFP, Texas