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Your experience matters. Things could've been different. You can give other moms and babies a chance to have better and safer outcomes. Together, as partners in maternal health, use your voice to help providers better understand.
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If you or a loved one has experienced pregnancy or childbirth complications causing a near miss, loss, or severe morbidity, we invite you to join our community. Your voice matters!

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If you're a leader of a maternal health organization, we want you to lead with us. We're here to provide certified training for you and your members to build partnerships with providers.

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If you're a maternal healthcare provider, we want to partner with you. We can provide Lived Experience Integration® training and partner you with Certified Patient Family Partners. 

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MoMMA's got you!

MoMMA’s (Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Advocates) Voices is the first-ever maternal health patient advocacy coalition established in 2018, to amplify the voices of those who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth complications or loss - especially those who have been historically marginalized - ensuring they are equipped and activated as partners with providers and researchers to improve maternal health outcomes.

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The Power of MoMMA's Voices Podcast represents varied perspectives from the maternal healthcare arena. This bi-weekly show delves into coalition success stories, engagements, and PFP experiences. Join us in a candid conversation, within a safe space, on the topic that's close to our hearts. MoMMA's Got You!

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