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  • high blood pressure?
  • infection?
  • excessive bleeding?
  • other pregnancy problems? 

Texas doctors want to hear from you!

Texas is leading the way for groundbreaking healthcare practices in prenatal care, working hard to ensure that over 200 hospitals provide top-of-the line treatments. With 380,000 annual births across the Lone Star State – one of five nationwide "birth" states - this work has far reaching implications and impact! It's powerful to see state leadership taking initiative with MoMMA’s Voices; providing multitude opportunities next year for patient voices from your region and throughout Texas alike to be heard, engage on advisory councils, or consult with quality improvement experts. What an amazing opportunity contribute towards making a lasting difference in other expectant mothers’ lives!

Are you a Texas mom who has faced pregnancy-related issues such as high blood pressure, infection and excessive bleeding? We'd love to hear from YOU! Over the next year we have incredible opportunities for moms like you - join advisory councils and work with quality assurance professionals on statewide initiatives. What an amazing way to be empowered in your journey of motherhood!

 Here are the requirements and expectations:

  • Must complete the MoMMA’s Voices Patient Family Partner Certification. This online training program will teach you how to share your story and partner with healthcare providers in an effective way. The training takes about five to seven hours to complete, and we will cover the course fee.

  • There are a variety of opportunities you may be selected to participate in, many of which may provide a small stipend for your time. The time commitments vary from a very few hours to many hours.

  • At this time priority is given to those that experienced preeclampsia, HELLP Syndrome, or any type of hypertension in pregnancy. Can be a family member.

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