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MoMMA's Voices Response to COVID-19

by our Patient Advocacy Organizations

Patient Partners, Not Advisors

At MoMMA's Voices, we want to help anyone that wants to have the lived experience engaged in their work.  We realize it can be a challenge and we are here to help!

We really want to shift the mindset that having the lived experience engaged in your work just fills a requirement. We have adopted the terminology of patient partner and that is exactly what we hope to be. A partner in this work and not just an advisor.

If you are already working with a patient partner or have someone you would like to work with, make sure to connect them with us so we can help train them for you!

This year for the Champions for Change Summit, we will have a special opportunity to learn how to work effectively with patient partners. We will also have an Expo where you can share your projects and network with our patient advocates on site.  This is a wonderful opportunity to bring your patient partners to connect with the community too.

Champions Impact Map

This map shows a pin with small description of each person that has shared their experience with us. Click on the pins to find patient partners in your area. 


If you are looking for technical assistance, training or help finding patient partners, email for help.


Don't know where to start?  Listen to the Safety Action Series that we did for the Council for Patient Safety in Women's Healthcare.

Patient Advocate Training

Let MoMMA's Voices train your patient advocates for you! If you have identified willing patient family partners or have existing patient family partners that could use support and training, send them to us.  

Our Champions for Change Summit and MoMMA's Voices Patient Advocate Training will provide a foundation on key elements to make patient family partners more engaged and their contributions meaningful.

Learn more about the training here!

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