Wellness Room

Wellness comes in many different forms. Our goal is to offer you different options where you can find sanctuary when you need it. Come, take what you need and return to the event when you are ready.
For more information on the Birth and Trauma Support Center, please visit https://birthandtraumasupportcenter.org/ for links to Facebook Support Groups and Referrals.
Breathing Exercises

Breathing Practice #1

Sit comfortably, or lie down and place one hand on the belly and the    other over your heart. Allow the eyes to close or lower the gaze and focus on one spot, allowing the gaze to soften and become fuzzy. Focus your attention deep in the belly to the place where the rise and fall of the breath is easily observed. Simply breath, one breath at a time, while noticing the rise and fall of the belly. You might try to deepen the breath, taking longer inhalations and exhalations. Practice this for 8 – 10 rounds of breath: inhalation followed by exhalation.

Breathing Practice #2

Sit comfortably in a chair, or cross-legged on the floor, with hands resting in your lap or on your thighs. Be mindful of posture here; sit with head over heart and heart over pelvis, imagining a rod in the spine that aligns the body. Become aware of the breath and where it seems to reside in the body: at the nose? In the chest? In the belly? Pick one of these places to observe the breath and count to four as you inhale, and six as you exhale. Practice for 8 – 10 rounds of breath.

Guided Mediation

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Self Massage & Stretches

Writing prompt: Identifying feelings

You will need a quiet space and pen and paper for this exercise. Begin by closing your eyes to try to determine whether there is any area of tension or holding that is felt in the body. Example: Ache in the head, back or stomach? Tightness in the chest, hands or feet? Posture….shoulders hunched or held up tall?

Once you identify an area of holding or tension, use this writing prompt: What am I holding in my body that needs to be expressed? Set a timer for 5 minutes and write whatever comes to mind. Can you identify feelings of sadness? Anger? Guilt? Confusion? Gratitude? Writing can be a tool for “getting it out,” releasing feelings so they aren’t in the body.  

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