Maternal Health Crisis Statistics

Below, we have broken up key stats by topic area and included the sources for the information.

General Stats:
The U.S. ranks 47th worldwide and is the only industrialized nation with a rising maternal mortality rate. 
  • MacDorman MF, Declercq E, Cabral H, et al. Is the United States Maternal Mortality Rate Increasing? Disentangling trends from measurement issues Short title: U.S. Maternal Mortality Trends. Obstet Gynecol. 2016;128(3):447-455.
Racial Disparity Stats:
Black women are four times more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications in the U.S
For every 18 white women, there are 44 black women who die from childbirth related causes. 
Maternal Mortality Stats:
Approximately 700 women die each year in the U.S. due to pregnancy or childbirth complications
Two women die in childbirth almost every day in America. Over 700 a year.
The U.S. saw a 24% increase in the maternal mortality rate from 2000 to 2014
About 3 in 5 pregnancy related deaths could be prevented.
Maternal Morbidity Stats:
For every maternal death, an estimated 85 other women suffer severe complications of pregnancy or childbirth. 
About 164 women per day — 60,000 per year — suffer severe complications or life-threatening injuries.