Quality Improvement Leaders

Patient and Family Engagement

Match-Making Services
Match-Making qualified patient representatives with states and hospitals working towards quality improvement.
Examples of Opportunities:
  • Story bank of lived experiences
  • Review patient-facing messaging and materials
  • Identify gaps in care or parts of the process that patients and families find confusing or lacking information
  • Pilot new materials and processes
Training Patient Representatives
The Champions for Change Summit is dedicated to empowering our community with the education, training and resources needed to make necessary changes in maternal health. 
Additional Opportunities:
  • Sharing and promoting messages to their larger communities
  • Ongoing online support and training
Get Involved!
  1. Request a qualified patient representative by contacting Nicole.Purnell@preeclampsia.org
  2. Refer patient representatives to MoMMA's Voices for support and training
  3. Spread the word: MoMMA's Voices Coalition are patients and families working for quality improvement in maternal health.
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