#12: Turning Pain into Purpose with Kate

Season #1

Today’s episode of Power of MoMMA’s Voices highlights a “Pain into Purpose story of Kate Boydston. Kate is a survivor of placental abruption, gestational diabetes, and postpartum anxiety and depression, as well as a NICU stay. She has since used her “mom voice” on local, national, and international stages as both a Patient Family Partner and as Mrs. New York American. 

“Being able to know that I had a goal of being on a stage, being an advocate for maternal mental health, really gave me an area to set some goals for my therapy.”

“I'm able to feel like my voice is actually making an impact in my state and community.”

“…my mom voice has been able to travel internationally and that's all due to MoMMA's Voices and the training that I received as a Patient Family Partner.”

“And I think that it's important to find your group of people that will support you in getting to that ultimate goal that you're looking for. And I found my people through MoMMA's Voices.”

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