#11: Turning Pain into Purpose with Melissa

Season #1

In this “Pain into Purpose” episode of Power of MoMMA’s Voices, we hear from Melissa Gordon Metzler about her traumatic twin-pregnancy experience, her desire to advocate to help others, the connection between advocacy and her therapy career, and how she found MoMMA’s Voices.

Here's a glance at this episode...

  • “So at that moment just kind of started connecting with myself, connecting with a higher power, and just really felt I needed to live. And I was gonna do whatever it took to get there.”

  • “We're here and on a mission to help other women to make sure that, that a story like mine doesn't live on for generations to come and we can, we can do better and, and learn from it.”

  • “I learned sharing my story was my healing adventure.”

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