#7: Turning Pain Into Purpose with Judith

Season #1

Power of MoMMA’s Voices this week highlights certified Patient Family Partner and MoMMA’s Voices Community Specialist, Judith Francis. Judith shares her birth stories including, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes and how her experiences led her to her passion and mission to spread the message that preeclampsia is not over at delivery. She also talks about the MoMMA’s Voices Patient Family Partner training and some of her advocacy work and engagements. 

Here's a glance at this episode...

  • “I feel like there's something that I can do and that this is what my purpose is."

  • “We’re constantly being told that preeclampsia is something that… goes away after birth, and I'm a strong advocate that it does not.”

  • “Through training, you're taught not to dismiss those pains, but just to let your voice overcome the pain.”

  • “You will get the courage one day to just get up and say, okay, this is a day that I'm gonna do it. And each time you speak, just remember that it's a possibility that you're saving lives, you're saving a mom's life, you're saving a baby life.”

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