Coalition Member Organization Policy


The Coalition Member Organization status is a designation for the organizations that are interested and invested in the work of the Coalition, but are not Executive Council organizations with voting rights. Through this level of engagement, organizations representing major contributors to maternal mortality and morbidity in the US have a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with the Coalition.


To be considered for Member Organization status, an organization must have:

  • A proven history of working to advocate women’s health care.

  • A strong alignment with the mission, vision and purpose of the Coalition.

  • A vested interest in furthering the work of the Coalition.

  • An interest in promotion and informing the work of the Coalition, where appropriate.

  • Be a 501(c)3 in good standing.


Becoming a Member Organization

Organization interested in being considered to become a Coalition Member Organization should complete the application for consideration. All applications are reviewed by the Coalition Executive Council; selection is based upon the criteria defined above and selection decisions are at the sole discretion of the Coalition Executive Council. During the review period, additional information as deemed necessary to reach a decision regarding membership status may be requested.



Coalition Member Organizations receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition as a Coalition member on the Coalition’s website (

  • Have a voice in our mission and organization by submitted requests/suggestions to the program manager who will review with the Executive Council.

  • Copies of branded promotional materials for use to support initiatives of the Coalition.

  • Opportunity to interact with other Member organizations at select times during the year.

  • Opportunity to offer member organization’s audience annual training conference venue that is organized by the Coalition.

  • Name recognition as part of coalition initiatives.



Coalition Member Organizations are expected to do the following:

  • Promote the Coalition’s mission, vision and purpose.

  • Disseminate and promote the work of the Coalition to organizational stakeholders and other interested parties.

  • Share successes in the dissemination of materials with the Coalition.


Reporting Requirements

Coalition Member Organizations are responsible for submitting an annual membership report to the program manager ahead of the annual term renewal review. The report shall be no longer than 3 pages (single spaces) and must contain:

  • A summary of the Member Organization’s annual activities.

  • An overview of the Member Organization’s engagement with the Coalition initiatives and activities.



If selected to become a Member Organization, an organization hold status for three years. Each Member Organization is reviewed annually and a decision on whether to continue or terminate the status is reached and communicated to the Member Organization. During the review period the Executive Council reserves the right to request additional information as deemed necessary to reach a decision regarding the continuation of the Member Status. A member may remain a member with no limit on years so long as a mutual annual determination to continue partnership is made.


Should a Member Organization wish to terminate their status, either during annual review or at any time throughout the year, they must submit in writing a request for termination to the Program Manager. Termination will be made effective immediately. Should the Executive Council wish to terminate Members Organization status at any time, either during annual review or at any time throughout the year, the Executive Council must submit in writing notification to the Member Organization of the termination. Termination will be made effective immediately.

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