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Every year

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MV Coalition Member - Level 1

For organizations with annual budgets under $50,000 a year

Who are coalition member organizations?

Maternal health organizations who primarily represent the lived experience of maternal health conditions and issues as well as groups with diverse representations of moms in the US.

  • Identify as a maternal health nonprofit organization, unincorporated group (e.g., online support group) or community-based organization
  • Are eager and able to collaborate with leaders of other maternal health groups to amplify the collective lived experience and improve health outcomes for moms.
  • Intend to utilize our patient family partner training to ensure their community members are represented where maternal health decisions are being made.

Member benefits

We provide certified training for individuals with a "lived experience" – or those that represent them, maternal health organizations, and healthcare providers, to ensure a productive partnership and accepting culture is a part of all patient care and quality improvement practices.

  • Unlimited Access Passes for Patient Family Partner certification - training your community to be advocates for your cause.
  • Individual coaching for your community to best represent their lived experience.
  • Opportunities for your community to take part in maternal health decisions (i.e.. participate in focus groups, surveys, advisory councils and more.)
  • Consideration for sub-awardee opportunities on MoMMA's Voices grant applications.
  • Opportunities to connect with leaders from other maternal health organizations.
  • Access to real time data on how your community is being involved in training and quality improvement opportunities.

Member Dues

To make membership dues equitable and ensure groups of all sizes have access to our coalition, member dues are based on the organization's annual budget. Member dues are as follows:


MoMMA’s Voices has a number of policies to ensure that actions and decisions are consistent and equitably applied for all parties. Membership policies help the MoMMA’s Voices staff provide clear direction regarding membership eligibility.

How do I become a member?

Once we receive your membership dues payment, we will send an email to schedule a time to do an onboarding presentation which will familiarize you with our patient family partner training program, as well as other coalition benefits. 

Within the onboarding process new coalition members will be required to submit organization specific collateral so you can be added to the MoMMA’s Voices website as a coalition member.

Once new members complete their onboarding process and submit all required documents, they will be invited to coalition member calls and given your coupon code for unlimited access to the Patient Family Partner training.

Member Dues Policy

Membership fees are due annually on the anniversary of your first membership payment (join date). Coalition members are extended a 30-day grace period from the date of invoice. The grace period is the amount of time after a membership expires and before a payment is made. During this time the member continues to receive benefits. When the grace period expires, if the member has not renewed, the membership is changed to inactive and access to member benefits are revoked. After the 30-day grace period, coalition members can rejoin the organization by paying their membership dues and they will receive a new join date.


Expectation of Professionalism

As a leader in maternal health advocacy and use of the patient voice, MoMMA’s Voices holds its members to the highest standards of professionalism and code of conduct.

Code of Conduct Policy

Members must exercise professionalism, consideration, and respect in their words and actions, as we are here to build each other up and support our roles as patient partners and advocates.

Violation of this code and engagement of unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated and MoMMA’s Voices may take any action that it deems appropriate, including exclusion from events or cancellation of membership (without refund).

Reporting Unacceptable Behavior

Comments or other concerns can be sent to [email protected]. Additionally, the Preeclampsia Foundation maintains an Ombudsman on its Board of Directors ([email protected]) to respond to sensitive issues when other channels have been exhausted.