Pay it forward

There are some very basic things that a person must have to survive and blood is one of them. "How many blood transfusions did you have?" is a question that many people that have survived a severe maternal event can answer. It is an unfortunate bond that connects us regardless of what condition caused the need to life saving measures.

Below are resources to understand better the process of blood transfusions and then also learning about ways to pay it forward.

But is it safe?

Dr. Kerry O'Brien explains the process of blood donations and transfusions in this video.

Working together

This video includes Dr. Vy Rossi (Donate4Mothers), Miranda Klassen (AFE Foundation), Alexis Carena (Heros for Moms), Kristen Belmonte (Vitalant) and Kate McMeekin (WHNP, Certified PFP) as they discuss ways that patients and providers can work together to increase blood donations that are critical for saving moms and babies.



Heroes for Moms

AFE Foundation

I'm rolling up my sleeve!

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We will check back in with you and see how you are doing.

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